Buongiorno and Bismillah,

I am Aya Mohamed. Girl, 20, born in Egypt and lived my whole life in Milan, Italy. That’s briefly my story and that’s where my brand name comes from “MILANPYRAMID”.

Welcome to my blog! If you are here you may know me from my social media accounts so you may have a little idea of my interests. I study political science and I’m working very hard to one day be able to “change the world”. Fashion, makeup, and everything beauty related have been my passion since I was little. I’m aMuslimm and a hijabi and my faith is really important for me but it’s something I need to improve.

Politics, Fashion and Lifestyle these are the three main topics that this blog will be about. My goal is to tell my journy and my experiences in life through this platform and share it.

I have big ambitions and Inshallah when this blog will reach a certain growing goal I’m planning on interviewing some of the people that I find particulary intresting and that I think they could teach me something useful.

Beiznillah I will be posting every thursday.

Enjoy your staying,