Collaboration: MAHDI SARHAN and “il fotografismo”.

Buongiorno and bismillah, I had the great chance to interview a photografer while he was taking pictures of me! And the result is pretty awesome: SO WHO ARE YOU? I’m Mahdi Sarhan and I’m lebanese. I’m what you can call a semi-professional photographer. But I developed my self a name, a concept. The “Fotografismo” (which is originally italian). I define myself as a “Fotografista”, not … Continue reading Collaboration: MAHDI SARHAN and “il fotografismo”.


Buongiorno and Bismillah, Yes, more Hijab tutorials! And this time they are in collaboration with Hijabella’s Crown. This brand from the Netherlands sent me two beautiful scarfs to share with you all! But first a little bit about them: Hijabella’s Crown is owned by a mother and her daughter, Rahiela and Amaania. Mrs. Rahiela, since she was little, has always dreamed of having her own … Continue reading HIJAB TUTORIAL COLLAB!


Buongiorno and Bismillah everybody! I’m having the enormous pleasure to announce to you, this so much wanted collaboration with Yasminsintro! She is a beautiful blogger and mama from London, that I’ve been following for a long time now. I am so happy to share with you, her skin care routine down below! And you will find mine on her blog at this link:  You … Continue reading SKIN CARE ROUTINE!


OUTFIT ONE: Aya. scarf: Haute Hijab jacket: H&M t-shirt: BERSHKA skirt: ZARA shoes: Nike Huarache watch: CASIO Macy. sunglasses: H&M jacket: BERSHKA sweatshirt: H&M pants: ZARA boots: BERSHKA watch: CASIO OUTFIT TWO: Aya. scarf: Saudi Arabia. sunglasses: MANGO. jacket: MANGO. sweatshirt: H&M. handbag: ZARA. pants: C&A Clockhouse. shoes: local boutique. Macy. sunglasses: H&M jacket: ZARA shirt: ZARA skirt: BERSHKA shoes: ZARA Go check out my … Continue reading MINI-MINIMAL LOOKBOOK COLLAB.

INTERVIEW: Ayan and the art of Henna!

Ayan is a freelance Henna/Jagua Artist based in Toronto, ON. She has had a passion for art from a very young age and has always had the urge to create. Over the past two years, she decided to share her art by adorning the human body with Henna/Jagua as her medium. She creates beautiful pieces for any event, occasion or just for fun! Ayan create’s … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Ayan and the art of Henna!