Buongiorno and Bismillah, Yes, more Hijab tutorials! And this time they are in collaboration with Hijabella’s Crown. This brand from the Netherlands sent me two beautiful scarfs to share with you all! But first a little bit about them: Hijabella’s Crown is owned by a mother and her daughter, Rahiela and Amaania. Mrs. Rahiela, since she was little, has always dreamed of having her own … Continue reading HIJAB TUTORIAL COLLAB!

INTERVIEW: Ayan and the art of Henna!

Ayan is a freelance Henna/Jagua Artist based in Toronto, ON. She has had a passion for art from a very young age and has always had the urge to create. Over the past two years, she decided to share her art by adorning the human body with Henna/Jagua as her medium. She creates beautiful pieces for any event, occasion or just for fun! Ayan create’s … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Ayan and the art of Henna!

HIJAB TUTORIALS: Halfway Turban.

Buongiorno and Bismillah, So I’m super sorry but because of technical issues I can’t upload the video tutorials here on my blog but go check them out on my Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSQNmMdhlD8/?taken-by=milanpyramid&hl=it #1 Hijab tutorial: this wrap is pretty elegant it would be nice for some kind of event and it’s super simple. The scarf is from Saudi Arabia, it’s not by a brand because I … Continue reading HIJAB TUTORIALS: Halfway Turban.