My mama: “what are you doing?” Me: “my make up..” My mama: “again?!” (This convo took place repeatedly in the last few day! loooooool) Jokes apart, BUONGIORNO AND BISMILLAH EVERYBODY! This week I wore bold make up everyday. I know what you’re thinking “but Aya.. why?..”. Well lately I noticed that I keep doing the same old make up routine: that suttle, nude, pinkish, calm … Continue reading BOLD MAKE UP FOR A WEEK!

First Job Interview Ever – صبر

Buongiorno and bismillah, I had my first job interview ever. Let’s start by saying that I really didn’t think this day would happen anytime soon. On the same day that I was so mad and depressed about how my job research was going, and I decided to give up, I got an email from this company saying that they will have a group casting on … Continue reading First Job Interview Ever – صبر